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Detox & Withdrawal Santa Rosa

Detox & Withdrawal Info for Santa Rosa

When trying to fully shake an addiction, you will have to go through a detox cycle during your rehab stint. And sadly, during the detox cycle you will suffer withdrawal symptoms. You experience withdrawal symptoms because your body has developed a chemical dependency to the substances that were abused during your addiction. A Better Today will help you work through your detoxification under medical supervision so that your withdrawal symptoms can be held to as little as possible. Getting through detox is a very vital step in the recovery process, because it rids your body of all the toxins that were consumed during your substance abusing. Once your body is free from all of these harmful chemicals, then it will be easier for you to focus on the rest of your personalized treatment program.

What Should I Expect?

Because your body has a strong chemical dependency to your drug or alcohol of choice, avoiding withdrawal symptoms are almost inevitable. Which is why A Better Today will guide you through your detoxification under medical supervision so that we can keep you comfortable and keep your withdrawal symptoms to a minimum. Some common symptoms most addicts suffer from are: puking, sweating, shaking, loss of sleep and no appetite. With a medical staff at your side giving you proper medication to help you cope with the withdrawal sickness, you will be able to clean out your body of the chemicals that have been rewiring your brain and slowly killing your body in the process. Any addiction is beatable, after a healthy detox cycle. Your body will, once again, learn how to function without having to intake drugs or alcohol.

Do Not Be Afraid

Many times, addicts will not seek the help they need because the withdrawal symptoms caused by detoxification scares them away. A Better Today promises to help you through this tough stage of recovery. Detox and withdrawal should not make you afraid, you have already taken the hardest step and that is seeking the help you need to beat your addiction. Your needs to consume drugs and alcohol has been winning the battle long enough, now it is time you fight back. We are here for you. Please, call now with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have about detox and the withdrawal symptoms associated with this stage of the recovery process. Our number is (707) 219-8222. A Better Today’s medically trained staff is willing to help point you in the right direction based on your addiction needs. Your addiction has already taken so much from you, do not let it take your life. You can get that back today. Call (707) 219-8222.