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Addiction Treatment Santa Rosa CA

Santa Rosa Addiction Treatment

When you realize that addiction has its teeth fully sunken into you, you may feel scared, embarrassed, and confused. Although these are common emotions among addicts, you should not feel that way. You should have pride, rejoice, and relieve that you are finally willing to get help. It can be hard to come forward to admit you have a problem with drugs or alcohol. A Better Today is here to help you overcome those feelings and more importantly, overcome your addiction. At A Better Today we understand that addiction is a sickness that needs to be treated under medical attention in order for the addiction to be beaten. We can help you, in fact we want to help, but you have to want to help yourself.

You Might Not Realize the Dangers of Addiction

Most addicts will deny that they even have a problem to begin with. And most of the addicts who do admit they have a problem do not realize the real damage their substance abuse problem is causing on their life. But addiction can and will destroy every aspect of your life if you let it go that far. Addiction as the ability to rip apart every relationship you have with your family and friends. Mostly because addicts put their drug and alcohol use before their loved ones. The situation could also arise that your loved ones give you the ultimatum, “me or the substance?” You may think to yourself that it will be easy to give up your substance of choice if it comes to that point, but it is not. By that time your body may already be chemically dependent on those drugs or alcohol that you cannot function without it. Do not let it get to that point, especially if there is help available. A Better is here for you, to help you get over your drug addiction before it ruins the relationships you have worked so hard to make with the people who are close to you in life.

I Think I Am Ready…

If you are consistently using drugs or alcohol to get through your life, then addiction treatment is the best option for you. Entering an addiction treatment program may just save your life. A Better Today is here for you. We will help you fight every step of the way throughout your recovery process. In most cases, the hardest step of the entire rehab process is asking for help. You can get past the toughest part in just 10 minutes if you call (707) 219-8222. We have representatives who will answer, they will help you map out how to go about starting your addiction treatment. You can use any excuse you want, but A Better Today will still be willing to help you. So, why not call right now?